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Agamy Group Reunion in Rhodos, Greece

August - September 2011

….and then there were seventeen !!!

Evidently the ‘Agamy Group’ can boast about it’s growing popularity. On August 24th what started off as a group of nine participants heading for a two week get-together in Rhodes, Greece snowballed into a lively group of seventeen .
Our ‘rendez- vous’ was at the Mediterranean Hotel in Rhodos located ideally off a beach to the delight of the surf and sun lovers in the group. Regardless of the fact that our prime interest was the beach we still managed to include several excursions on this uniquely beautiful island and its vacation atmosphere. A city bus tour on a ‘double-decker’ gave us a general view of the ‘old town’ and the surroundings . The well reputed Valley of Butterflies, apparently in existence for over half a century, was a main attraction . Little did we know that visitors are put to test their rock climbing skills when climbing the steps leading to the top.
  I’m afraid members of our group were not too

successful due to the inadequate footwear but we did however manage to see an innumerable number of butterflies all clustered on the bark of enormous tree trunks….quite an impressive sight.  Those cloudless clear blue skies helped  draw the outline in the horizon of those majestic mountains of Turkey . Of course the town of Marmaris was most tempting to our lady shoppers so off they went by ferry for a day’s shopping in the ‘souks’.

True to the saying :’We may have left the Mediterranean but the Mediterranean has not left us.’ The crystal clear waters were irresistibly inviting thus a six hour sailing on the yacht Viking with stops at several beaches for a swim was a memorable experience. Worthy of mention one of the beaches was the setting for the movie ‘The guns of Navarron’ starring Anthony Quinn whose name incidentally was given to the beach.

As one would expect having a casino just around the corner to our hotel was very tempting and I’m glad to report that once again Lady Luck smiled this time at two of our participants.

Our evenings acted as the gathering of the clan, in that we would all meet for drinks on the hotel’s terrace before proceeding into the dinning room where Vassili, the Food & Beverage Manager, had a seventeen place table set up for the Agamy Group. The food lived up to the reputation of Greek cuisine……excellent. It was agreed that whatever one eats wholeheartedly cannot be harmful therefore the prescribed diet would take effect upon our return home.

This lively fun-loving group entertained itself in the evenings playing cards, Scrabble and most of all socializing exercising ones’ jaws and never running out of conversation topics.

Our two weeks stay in Rhodos went by so fast that we parted reluctantly somewhat nostalgic but nevertheless, as usual, optimistic as we look forward to next year. Following the traditional desired destination survey it was unanimous that we are due for another memorable River Cruise …..incha’allah !

God Bless.

Nicole Biancardi-Kimball


  3rd Row L > R:  George Coumbias; Jack Rizopoulos; Farouk Moussa; Richard Kimball.

2nd Row L > R: Diana Garabedian; Joelle Salloum; Elly Lagoudakis; Despina Rizopoulos: Jocelyne Sargologo

1st  Row L > R:  Linda Stroun; Rose  Saleh; Dolly Koning; Johnny Aboulafia; Amina Shaarawi; Huguette Levy; Djehane Hussein.

Not seen on photo is the photographer Nicole Biancardi-Kimball !!!


L > R: Despina Rizopoulos; George Coumbias; Nicole & Richard Kimball; Diana Garabedian; Djehane Hussein; Vassili; Huguette Levy; Joelle Salloum; Amina Shaarawi; Linda Stroun; Jocelyne Sargologo; Jack Rizopoulos.

Round the table L > R. Amina Shaarawi; Joelle Salloum; Despina Rizopoulos; Djehane Hussein: Farouk Moussa; Jack Rizopoulos.

Lost in a Harem, From L > R: Dolly Koning; Linda Stroun; Joelle Salloum; Despina Rizopoulos; Huguette Levy; George Coumbias; Diana Garabedian; Elly Lagoudakis; Djehane Hussein

Ladies beware Mikhali is a married man !! Seated :  Elly Lagoudakis; Amina Shaarawi;

Standing from L > R; Despina Rizopoulos; Jocelyne Sargologo; Joelle Salloum; Rose Saleh; Mikhali; Nicole Kimball; Diana Garabedian



Aboulafia    Johnny                        Paris    France

Coumbias    George                       Vancouver   Canada

Garabedian  Diana                          Montreal     Canada

Hussein       Djehane                       Cairo           Egypt

Kimball       Nicole & Richard        Montreal     Canada

Koning        Dolly                           Vienna         Austria

Lagoudakis  Elly                              Athens        Greece

Levy            Huguette                      Geneva        Switzerland

Moussa        Farouk                         Geneva        Switzerland

Rizopoulos   Despina & Jack           Montreal    Canada

Saleh            Rose                             Montreal    Canada

Salloum        Joelle                           Montreal    Canada

Sargologo     Jocelyne                       New York  U.S.A.

Shaarawi      Amina                          Montreal     Canada

Stroun          Linda                            Geneva       Switzerland


Conveners :

Despina Frangoudis-Rizopoulos (EGC) : tel. (514) 695-0694
E-mail: info@pianosprestige.ca

Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti (SHS) : tel. (450) 465 - 7479 
E-mail : nbiancardi@hotmail.com


Cologny, 6 octobre 2011

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