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Rencontre de 100 Aghion, Thessalonique, 3-6 mai 2019


Sabah el Noor Sandro,
Here is our agenda & list of attendees.
It was a wonderful family reunion, which cemented old connections and created new friendships within the greater Aelion/Aghion family.
We had 100 members who came from 20 countries with ages ranging from 6 to 94 year old, including Moshe Ha-Elion, Auschwitz survivor originally from Thessaloniki. 
Our last family reunion was in 2009 in our original hometown of Ayllón Spain, the next one will be in Amsterdam in 2024. We are following our ancestors' journey through history!

Salamat, Jack, Melbourne, May 2019


Aelion Family Convention Agenda

Thursday 2nd May

Dinner & Dance at Ladadika with a wondeful Greek Rebetiko band

for Members already there

Friday 3rd May

Remaining Members arrive & settle at Mediterranean Palace or at Astoria (kosher) hotel next door or at their Airbnb

Conference Registration 14:00 – 17:00 Mediterranean, Lower Ground Floor

Friday Evening

Conference begins with Shabbat Service at Yad Lezikaron Synagogue,

then festive Shabbaton & dinner upstairs at the Jewish Community Centre.

Saturday Morning 4th May

Conference room at Mediterranean Lower Ground Floor


·       Presentation by our family historians Michel Danon and Len Yodaiken

·       Jewish History of Ayllón by Andree Aelion Brooks – Politician, Lecturer, Journalist & Author (including new information from our researcher in Spanish Medieval History, Ph.D. Student David Espinar)

·       Coffee Break

·       Presentation on the Jewish History of Salonika/Thessaloníki with information on the Tsvi Shabtai movement by Professor Paul Hagouel – PhD, Researcher, Holocaust Studies and Modern Greek History

·       Results of our Aelion DNA Project - Jack Aghion


 Lunch –  ‘Zeus’ Dining Room 7th Floor Mediterranean


·       Group Photo – Grand Staircase – Lobby to Mezzanine Floor

·       Surviving against all odds, Moshe Ha-Elion, by his daughter Rachel Haelion-Meseritz

·       Coffee Break

·       Our members speak of their family history possibly with family heirlooms similar to the 'Show & Tell' of Ayllón in 2014.

Saturday night

Gala Dinner Mediterranean Dining Room, Ladino singing, Mezzanine Floor

Sunday Morning 5th May

Tour of Veroia's old Jewish quarter & ancient Synagogue

Lunch at quaint Vergiotiko restaurant

Then pushing on to Vergina’s Aigai museum & Royal Tombs

Return to Mediterranean Palace hotel in evening

Sunday Evening

Free time

Monday 6th May

Walking tour to include Monasterioton Synagogue, Jewish Museum, Holocaust Memorial, Liberty Square, Modiano Market, and other Jewish sites of interest

Lunch by the sea - Maiami fish restaurant


Bus tour to see Villa Allatini, location of old Jewish Cemetery (present day Thessaloníki University), Old Railway Station (site of deportations) and

Baron Hirsch Ghetto, Villa Bianca, and other points of interest

Return to Mediterranean Palace hotel in evening

Member list


Ahuvi Haelion Israel
Alan Mortby UK
Alex Meyer UK
Allyson Brooks USA
Amanda Utpadel USA
Andree Aelion Brooks USA
Anthoula Aelion Greece
Arnon Alexander USA
Aron Ender Israel
Aya Aelion USA
Barry Boston USA
Becky Aghion Poland
Ben Aghion France
Ben A Aghion Australia
Brian Byers USA
Carole Danon Gabay France
Claude Berman Australia
Claude Mehrez France
Coral Haelion Israel
Dan Aghion Israel
Daniel V Aghion USA
Daniel Aghion Australia
Danit Rubin France
David Berman Australia
David Elyan Ireland
Diana Mehrez France
Edmund Aghion UK
Elana Utpadel USA
Eleanor Aghion Australia
Ellen Sonsino USA
Erella Wilson Aghion  Israel
Estelle Cohen-Mizrahi France
Fabio Aghion Italy
Fani Ender Israel
Galia Aelion Israel
Geoffrey Hanson Israel
Gloria Meyer UK
Hans Zandee USA
Ilan Aelion USA
Irit Aghion-Saar France
Isaac Sonsino USA
Jack Aghion Australia
Jack Goldstein Hungary
Jacques Aghion Spain
Jenny Aghion Australia
Jeremy Solnick UK
Joe Fischer Australia
Jojo Aghion Australia
Judy Aghion UK
Juliet Aghion UK
Karine Rubin France
Laura Danon UK
Laylo Shakirova Uzbekistan
Len Yodaiken Israel
leon-Niko Capon Greece
Loraine Fischer Australia
Margie Aghion USA
Maurissa Ailion Australia
Michal Alexander USA
Michel Danon France
Michelle Aghion Australia
Mireille Translateur Israel
Moshe Aelion Israel
Moshe Haelion Israel
Mynda Schreuer Elion Austria
Nathalie Rubin France
Nelly Hagouel Greece
Nessia Yaacobi Aghion Israel
Noa Aelion USA
Norbert Zarecky Germany
Oxana Aelion Israel
Patricia Ailion Australia
Paul Aghion Australia
Paul Hagouel Greece
Paul Translateur Israel
Philippe Ismalun France
Rachel Haelion Meseritz Israel
Raya Aelion Israel
Robert Mizrahi USA
Ron Elion Israel
Sabrina Mizrahi USA
Sally Aelion Boston USA
Salomon Mizrahi France
Sandy Cohen Aghion Panama
Sara Solnick UK
Shoshana Yodaiken Israel
Stef Elion Israel
Steve Wilson Israel
Susan Mosseri-Smouha Spain
Suzy Mortby UK
Sylvia Smouha UK
Talma Aelion Israel
Tmira Weinberg Aelion Israel
Toby Yaacobi Israel
William Womack USA
Yoav Moshe Aghion Israel
Yoav Elion Israel
Yoram Fedida Israel
Zac Aghion USA

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