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Reunion held on January 5th 2002 in Mont St-Hilaire

Standing from l > r :   Ino Algranti; Alec Karam: Gerda Haddad; Fouad Kronfel; Fouad Khouzam; Gilbert Haddad; Fayez Tannoury; Pierre Arab; Joseph Kerba; Helen Nassif-Khouzam; Maryse Boulad-Orfali; Henri Salloum; Lucien Dahan; Jack Rizopoulos; Andre Dahan; Pierre Lorneau; Marie-Therese Sawaf-Salloum.

Sitting from l > r : George Karam; Norma Malak-Kassabgi; Nadia Algranti-Kronfel; Norma Khouzam-Dahan; Therese Zaccour-Antoniades; Mirette Boutari-Arab; Lily Saba-Kerba; Janine Biancardi-Karam; Despina Frangoudis-Rizopoulos; Mona Sarkis-Dahan; Laurice Nohra; Lucien Orfali.

On the floor from l > r : Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti; Clairette Tannoury; Nadia Aghar-Karam; Magda Lorneau; ...........Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti CLONED!!!!

Ringing in the New Year a reception was held on January 5th 2002 at the residence of Mrs Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti in Mont St Hilaire., Quebec. It was a most successful reunion of ex-'Iskandaranis' all sharing the same cherished childhood memories with 'nokats' flowing throughout the evening. A toast to the New Year included Health.....Health ....and more Health to all!!!

AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui : www.aaha.ch