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Sacred Heart Girls' School

Sacred Heart Reunion, Sydney, January 1997

"On the occasion of Rosemary Vergis (now Sister Maddalena) accompanied by her sister Gladys Vergis (Venice), visiting their family in Australia in January 1997, the word got around amongst the former students of the SHS of Alexandria, and two reunions were organised in Sydney. Fifteen former students attended, it was a great success and we all had a great time, as most of us had not seen Rosemary for over forty years. Rosemary remained in Egypt, commencing her career as a nursing sister at the Italian Hospital in Alexandria, until devotion made her join the Negrizia Order, also known as the Comboni Sisters. Sr Maddalena finished her stay in Egypt in December 1996 where she occupied the post of mother provincial of Egypt for the past six years. In Melbourne a larger group of fourty people met at an Italian club all eager to meet Rosemary Virgis. Julius Borg and Edna Grigg-Cassar organized the function."Lilian Savona-Cassar

Lilian aimerait bien connaître les adresses de trois de ses anciennes camarades du SHS : Valerie Hart, Lilian Smith et Nadia Andrawos. 

Former students who attended the reunions in Sydney : Lucy Blundell-Cassano, Lilian Cassano-Cassar, Edna Grigg-Cassar, Lilian Savona-Cassar, Sonia Fiani-Debelak, Henriette Biancardi-Delbourgo, Madeleine Henderson-Farrugia, Irene Denardi-Psiakis, Odette Langford-Seguna, Marceline Micallef-Seisun, Annie Georgiou-Tanti, Rosemary Leggatt-Vella, Gladys Vergis, Rosemary Vergis (Sister Maddalena), Ilka Cassar-Zammit.


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