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Sacred Heart + British Boys Reunion, Sydney, March 2008

Our reunion to welcome our visitors from overseas which was held on 12 March 2008 held at the St.George Motor Boat Club in Sydney was successful; those who attended were:

Sylvana Attard-Di Filippo (SHS) from Rome; Roland Cassar (BBS) from Atascadero Nth.California USA; Edna Cassar-Grigg (SHS) & Glenn Grigg - Melbourne; Mariella Cassar-Neumann (SHS) -Melbourne; Victoria Pegna-Thompson (SHS) - Byron Bay; George Akaoui (St.Marc) - Wollongong; Sonia Debelak-Fiani (SHS) & Eli Fiani (VC); Irene Psiakis-De Nardi (SHS); Terri Psiakis-Cockinos (SHS); Ilka Zammit-Cassar (SHS) & Roland Cassar (BBS); Helen Penzikis-Vella (SHS); Rosemary Vella-Trappani (SHS) & Frank Trappani; Bruno Klun (BBS); Bernard Stivala (BBS); Norbert Caruana (BBS); Mary Morello-Garsia & Tony Garsia; Marceline Seisun-Micallef (SHS); Irma Morello-Garsia; Fiammeta & Gino Morello (BBS); Maria Grande-Camilleri (Sacro Cuore) & Mario Camilleri (BBS); Lilian Cassar-Savona(SHS) & Salvino Savona (BBS).



Sitting: Mary Morello-Garsia/Terri Psiakis-Cockinos/Roland Cassar (USA)/Edna Cassar-Grigg/Lilian Cassar-Savona/Marceline Seisun-Micallef/Hellen Penzikis-Vella/Rosemary Vella-Trappani.

Standing behind: Sal Savona/Sylvana Attard-Di Filippo/Bernard Stivala/Ilka Zammit-Cassar/Mariella Cassar-Neumann/Irma Morello-Garsia/Victoria Pegna-Thompson/Bruno Klun

Last row: George Akaoui/Eli Fiani/Irene Psiakis-De Nardi/Sonia Debelak-Fiani/Roland Cassar/Mario Camilleri/Frank Trappani/Norbert Caruana.

Lilian Cassar-Savona


AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui www.aaha.ch