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Sacred Heart School Reunion, London, September 15th, 2011

Sitting from L > R :   Marlene Strong-Crowdy; Nicole Biancardi-Kimball; Cecily Podesta-Urqhuart; Mae Beaton-Ansett; Mary Dingly-Bealing and Lolita Darmanin-Hopkins


Remember me when this you see and the days we spent at the S.H.S together !!


Following the Agamy Group reunion in Rhodes, Greece and on my way back home to Canada I had a brief visit to the U.K.  I am ever so grateful to my girlfriend Marlene Strong-Crowdy who managed to get together schoolmates I hadn’t seen for ‘ages’.

Although in touch through the Internet, on Thursday, September 15th in the Tea Room of The House of Fraser Department Store in London I experienced a very emotional encounter with Marlene whom I last saw at our school reunion in Crete, Greece in 2005.  Also present were the two cousins Cecily Podesta-Urqhuart and Mae Beaton-Ansett last seen in 1989. Last, but by no means least two schoolmates I lost touch with for 60 years ….. Mary Dingly-Bealing and Lolita Darmanin-Hopkins. Amazingly enough we had no problem reconnecting and conversation flowed for the next four hours, it was a most delightful encounter.

When came the time for ’Good- byes’ at the elevator we were approached by the department floor manager whose attention was drawn by this group of lively ‘old’ ladies.  Once informed about our group not only was he impressed but he also offered to buy us drink  (which of course we politely declined !) I believe regardless of age we still attract attention. Much to our surprise we were asked to pose for a group photograph which apparently should appear in the next edition of The House of Fraser Magazine.

All’s well that ends well and thanks to the electronic age we can once again keep in touch with those whose friendship we cherish.

God bless.

Nicole Biancardi-Kimball


Cologny, le 6 octobre 2011


AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui www.aaha.ch