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VC - EGC - SHS International Reunion

Montreal, Canada, May 28-30, 2004

The Victoria College Association of North America

 The English Girls' College

The Sacred Heart School

Once again under the presidency of OV Samir Zalzal our joint school reunion was held in Montreal May 28th through May 30th 2004 and organized by dedicated volunteers representing all three schools.  This reunion was meant as a springboard to our International Reunion to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria early September2004.

The attendance in Montreal was record breaking and participants came from the U.S.A. , Canada and Switzerland !!

The weekend activities started on Friday May 28th with a Cocktail / Dinner reception held at the residence of OVC Armen Gunjian. Our hosts Chake and Armen as usual were most gracious with their welcome.

Then on the Saturday a Gala Dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel where participants enjoyed a beautiful reception starting with cocktails followed by a scrumptuous buffet dinner . Dancing was also on the menu till the early hours of the morning ......Memories of our youth were revived while dancing to the music of the 40-50-60s.

In accordance with the usual format our reunion was brought to a close on Sunday May 30th with a Farewell Dinner, this time it was Middle Eastern cuisine at the renowned Lebanese Restaurant Daou.

As was to be expected .....'All nice things come to an end '. However, our farewells were not 'Adieu' but rather 'Au revoir' because we will meet again in September in Bulgaria .....INCHALLAH !!

                                                                                                                            Nicole Francescutti-Biancardi

Photo 1, l > r : Gilbert Haddad (OVC Treasurer), Nicole Biancardi (SHS Convenor), Samir Zalzal  (OVC President),

Photo 2, l > r : Youssef Elzik, Armen Gunjian, John Karaguesian, Souren Agemian, Eli Banoun

Photo 3, l > r : Bosko Pavlica, Abla Sherif, Sonia Sarkis, Janet Zahra-Ohanessian, Marcelle Pavlica-Chactoura, Linda Stroun-Ichay

Photo 4, l > r : Fred and Jenny Diab, Fred Yazgi, Nadia Mouawad

Photo 5, l > r : Steve Stambollian, Magda Zariffa-Issa, Kamel Zariffa, Farida and Waguih Zaky, Michael Issa, Salwa Ghobril-Issa, Victor Ghobril, Marguerite Zeitouni, Odette Cordahi-Zeitouni

 Photo 6, l > r : Sitting : Rose Saleh,  Any Basmadjian, Nicette Pensa-Abikzir ; Standing : Magie Loreau, Despina Frangoudis-Rizopoulos, 

 Photo 7, l > r : Sitting : Becky Haiat, Despina Rizopoulos-Frangoudis. Standing : Amina Shaarawi-Hamada, Rose Saleh, Any Basmadjian.

 Photo 8, l > r  : Susan English, Janet Ohanessian-Zahra, Chake & Armen Gunjian, Berdge Manoukian, Amy & Jacques Nalbandian-Beylerian 

 Photo 9, l > r : Any Manoukian, Sonia Cimetier-Kalemdjian, Levon & Nancy Topouzian

 Photo 10, l > r : Gerda & Gilbert Haddad, Simone & Sidney Cohen, Anne Kassis

 Photo 11, l > r : Teresa & Georges Zakarian-Talatinian, Susan & Aram Chouljian, Essam & Rita Boctor-Gamsaragan

Photo 12, l > r :  Magdi Takla, Françoise Gauthier, Sarkis & Rose Kedeshian, Anahid Baroutjian

Photo 13, l > r : Sitting : Simone Cohen, Gerda Haddad, Anne & Robert Kassis. Standing :  Maryse Orfali-Boulad, Leon Ohanessian




Last Name-Maiden Name First Name, Affiliation, Residence


Agemian Souren, VC, Toronto

Agemian Lili, Guest

Alexan Nadia, SHS, Montreal

Aprahamian Berdge, VC, New York

Asswad Antoine, Guest, Montreal

Asswad-Naggiar Sylvana, SHS, Montreal


Baddour-Zeitouni Mireille, SHS, Montreal

Banoun Elie, VC, Florida

Baroutjian Anahid, Guest, Montreal

Barsoum Magda, EGC, Montreal

Barsoum Adib, VC, Pennsylvania

Barsoum Joy, Guest, Pennsylvania

Basmadjian Any, EGC, Montreal

Basmadjian Yervant, Guest, Montreal

Bazergui Ginette, SHS, Montreal

Bishara Sarwat, VC, Toronto

Boctor-Gamsaragan Rita, EGC, Montreal

Boctor Essam, Montreal


Cerigo Georges, VC, Montreal

Chouljian Aram, VC, Toronto

Chouljian Suzan, Toronto

Cimetier-Kalemdjian Sonia, SHS, Montreal

Cohen Sidney, VC, Montreal

Cohen Simone, Guest, Montreal

Cordahi-Zeitouni Odette, SHS, Toronto

Corrie Michael, VC, New-York


Der-Assadourian Anouche, SHS, Montreal

Diab Alfred, VC, Pennsylvania

Diab Jenny, Guest, Pennsylvania


El-Daief Daisy, Guest, Pennsylvania

El-Daief Samir, VC, Pennsylvania

Elzik Youssef, VC, California

English Suzan, Guest, Boston


Farah Michèle, SHS, Montreal

Francescutti-Biancardi Nicole, SHS, Montreal


Garabedian Vartkess, Guest, Montreal

Garabedian-Beylerian Diana, SHS, Montreal

Gauthier Françoise, Guest, Montreal

Ghattas Leila, Guest, Montreal

Ghobril Victor, Guest, Montreal

Gunjian Armen, VC, Montreal

Gunjian Chake, Guest, Montreal


Haddad Gilbert, VC, Montreal

Haddad Gerda, Guest, Montreal

Haiat Becky, EGC, Montreal


Iranian Dikrana, SHS, Montreal

Issa Salwa, SHS, Montreal

Issa Michael, VC, Montreal


Karaguesian John, VC, Montreal

Karaguesian Sonia, Guest, Montreal

Karaguesian Carole, Guest, Montreal

Kassis Robert, Guest, Montreal

Kassis Anne, Guest, Montreal

Kedeshian Sarkis, VC, New Jersey

Kedeshian Rose, Guest, New Jersey

Khoury Emma, Guest, Montreal

Kirikian Arto, VC, New Jersey

Kirikian Boyana, Guest, New Jersey

Klat Theo, VC, Geneva

Klat Annie, Guest, Geneva


Levi Joe, VC, Texas

Levi Judy, Guest, Texas

Liontos Peter, Guest, Montreal

Loreau Magie, Guest, Montreal


Manoukian Berdge, Guest, Montreal

Manoukian Annie, Guest, Montreal

Manzalaoui Mahmoud, VC, Vancouver

Meletios Aurora, Guest, Montreal

Meletios Jean, Guest, Montreal

Mikhail (Takla) Magdi, VC, Montreal

Mizrahi Victor VC, Montreal

Mizrahi Eliane, Guest, Montreal

Mouawad Charles, VC, Montreal

Mouawad Nadia, Guest, Montreal

Mouawad Lucien, VC, Pennsylvania

Mouawad Sally, Guest, Pennsylvania


Naggiar Robert, VC, Montreal

Nahas Robert, VC, New Jersey

Nahas Maarit, Guest, New Jersey

Nalbandian Jacques, Guest, Montreal

Nalbandian-Beylerian Amy, SHS, Montreal


Ohanessian Leon, VC, Montreal

Ohanessian-Zahra Janet, SHS, Montreal

Orfali Lucien, VC, Montreal

Orfali-Boulad Maryse, SHS, Montreal


Pavlica Bosko, Guest, Montreal

Pavlica-Chactoura Marcelle SHS, Montreal

Pensa Ildo VC, Mexico

Pensa-Abikzir Nicette, EGC, Mexico

Pool Frank, VC, Georgia

Pool Nancy, Guest, Georgia


Rizopoulos Jack, Guest, Montreal

Rizopoulos-Frangoudis Despina, Montreal


Saffadi Richard, VC, New Jersey

Saleh Rose, EGC, Montreal

Samuel Davis., Montreal

Samuel Vicky, Guest, Montreal

Schaub Carole, Guest, Geneva CH

Seaton Phillip, VC, Boston

Shaarawi-Hamada Amina, EGC, Montreal

Sherif M.A., VC, Ottawa

Sherif Abla, Guest, Ottawa

Stambollian Steve, VC, Montreal

Stroun-Ichay Linda, Geneva CH

Sarkis-Semerdjian Sonia, EGC, Montreal


Takla Samir, VC, California

Topouzian Levon, VC, Illinois

Topouzian Nancy, Guest, Illinois


Wissa Anwar, VC, Florida

Wissa Enid, Guest, Florida


Yazgi Alfred, VC, Geneva CH


Zakarian-Talatinian Teresa, SHS, Montreal

Zakarian Georges, Guest, Montreal

Zaklama Mohib, VC, Montreal

Zaklama Sylvie, Guest, Montreal

Zaky Waguih, VC, Ontario

Zaky Farida, Guest, Ontario

Zalzal Samir, VC, Toronto

Zalzal Rosette, Guest, Toronto

Zariffa Kamal, Guest, Montreal

Zariffa-Issa Magda, SHS, Montreal

Zeitouni Marguerite, Guest, Montreal


AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui : www.aaha.ch