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VC - EGC - SHS International Reunion

Crete, October 2nd - 9th 2005

The Victoria College Association of North America

 The English Girls' College

The Sacred Heart School

"Already another year gone by and time for our Annual International School Reunion!!! The general consensus was that our 2005 International OVC/EGC/SHS reunion be held in Greece from October  2nd through 9th 2005 and the beautiful island of Crete was our chosen destination.

OVC Costa Caradimitropoulo our active committee member was responsible for arranging our stay at the luxurious five star Grecotel Rithymna Beach Hotel however, due to unforseen circumstances, Costa was unable to attend. Regardless of the short notice 'convener responsibilities' fell entirely on the 'broad shoulders' of none other than yours truly !!

Participants came from as far as Australia and in all we numbered 36; together we spent a great week relaxing, enjoying the sandy beach and swimming. Undoubtedly in comparison to last year's reunion in Bulgaria, this year's reunion 'slower pace' was quite noticeable and appreciated.....seemingly, we're not getting any younger!!

The week's program offered optional excursions with a recommendation of three. A tour of the city of Rethymno and a visit to the Arkadi Monastery. A cultural excursion was held to historical Knossos to visit the excavation sites of the Palace of Knossos dating 2000BC followed by a visit to the Museum of Heraklion where the largest collection of Minoan findings can be viewed. A visit to the former capital of Crete, Chania (considered to be one of the most beautiful towns of Greece) presented us with Turkish and Venetian architectural styles, a very unique and impressive townscape with narrow streets and alleys, old mansions and arcades, mosques and minarets.

On the social level, we held our Welcome Cocktail with OVC president Samir Zalzal welcoming the participants. A Cretan Greek Evening where the traditional dishes were served accompanied by a profuse flow of Ouzo and Raki topped off with entertainment of folklore music and dancers. Worthy of a special mention was our Gala Dinner : a gourmet menu featuring champagne and lobster. The sit-down dinner was served in style by white-gloved waiters !! Obviously, "Goodbyes" aren't always easy, nevertheless, this year our Farewell Dinner featured lots of laughter and a most appreciated surprise....... indeed exceptionally so because one of our EGC participants from Cairo, Egypt, the lovely Safinaz Nabih-Daoud, was secretly and exclusively allowed into the Chef's kitchen to prepare to everyones' delight a unique dessert ....Om Aly !  Needless to say we couldn't have ended our reunion on a 'sweeter' and higher note.

Promises to meet next year INCHALLAH on new territory/continent maybe across the Atlantic?

So to all, I say keep well and be happy until we meet again in 2006."

Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti


Photo 1 : Group photo of all participants

Top Row,  Left > to Right : Pierre Ackad; David Elzik; Sarkis Kedeshian; Youssef Elzik; Jack Rizopoulos; Capt. Robert Mussawir; Samir Zalzal; Ahmed El Gammal; Elie Fiani; Ron Crowdy; Dr Adib Barsoum; Lesley El Gammal; Amina Hamada-Shaarawi.

Middle Row, Left > to Right : Djehane Hussein; Kitty Elzik-Butcher; Julie Elzik; Karine Ackad; Rose Najarian-Kedeshian; Safinaz Daoud-Nabih; Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti; Joy Barsoum; Sonia Debelak-Fiani; Jocelyne Assaf-Sargologo; Josette Nimé-Erlandsson.

Bottom Row Seated, Left > to Right : Beckie Counio-Haiat; Elly Lagoudakis; Despina Frangoudis-Rizopoulos; Rose Sofer-Saleh; Rosette Zalzal; Diane Abecassis; Rosmira Mussawir; Linda Ichay-Stroun; Denise Schaub; Marlene Strong-Crowdy; Joceline Francis-Riches; Minouche Riches.


Photo 2 : The EGC participants' group and guest.

Standing, from l > r : Safinaz Nabih-Daoud, Djehane Hussein, Kitty Elzik-Butcher, Minouche Riches, Amina Hamada-Shaarawi, Jack Rizopoulos

Sitting, from l > r :  Rose Sofer-Saleh, Beckie Counio-Haiat, Diane Abecassis, Joceline Francis-Riches, Elly Lagoudakis, Despina Frangoudis-Rizopoulos

Photo 3 : The SHS participants' group photo and guests

Standing, l > r : Ron Crowdy, Elie Fiani

Sitting, l > r : Nicole Biancardi-Francescutti, Jocelyne Assaf-Sargologo, Marlene Strong-Crowdy, Sonia Debelak-Fiani, Linda Ischay-Stroun, Josette Nimé-Erlandsson

Photo 4 : The VC participants' group photo and guests

Standing, l > r : David Elzik, Sarkis Kedeshian, Youssef Elzik, Samir Zalzal, Ahmed El Gammal, Capt. Robert Mussawir, Pierre Ackad, Elie Fiani, Dr Adib Barsoum

Sitting, l > r : Rose Kedeshian, Julie Elzik, Rosette Zalzal, Lesley El Gammal, Rosmira Mussawir, Karine Ackad, Sonia Fiani, Joy Barsoum

Photo 5 : Sightseeing in Knossos 

Mission accomplished....Participants headed home. It's time for "Les responsables" to celebrate the success of a memorable school reunion !

Photo 6, from l > r : Jocelyne Assaf-Sargologo, Nicole Biancardi Francescutti, Hotel's General Manager Mr. Dimitris Tsounis



Last Name-Maiden Name First Name, Affiliation, Residence


  Abecassis Diane   EGC   Geneva CH

  Ackad Pierre   VC   Oldenberg Germany

  Ackad Karine

  Barsoum Adib VC  Philadelphia U.S.A.

  Barsoum Joy

  Butcher Elzik Kitty   EGC   Guilford U.K.

  Counio Haiat Beckie  EGC   Montreal Canada

  Crowdy Strong Marlene  SHS   Bristol U.K.

  Crowdy Ron

  Daoud Nabih Safinaz  EGC  Cairo Egypt

  El Gammal Ahmed   VC  Cairo Egypt

  El Gammal Lesley

  Elzik David    VC  California U.S.A.

  Elzik Youssef  VC  California U.S.A.

  Elzik Julie

  Erlandsson Nimé Josette  SHS   Virginia U.S.A.

  Fiani Elie   VC  Sydney Australia

  Fiani Debelak Sonia  SHS Sydney Australia

  Francescutti Biancardi Nicole  SHS  Montreal Canada

  Hussein Djehane   Guest  Cairo Egypt

  Kedeshian Sarkis  VC   New Jersey U.S.A. 

  Kedeshian Najarian Rose                

  Lagoudakis Elly  EGC  Athens Greece

  Mussawir Robert   VC  Marbella Spain

  Mussawir Rosmira

  Riches Francis Joceline   EGC  Milan Italy

  Riches Minouche  Guest   Milan Italy

  Rizopoulos Frangoudis Despina  EGC  Montreal Canada

  Rizopoulos Jack

  Saleh Sofer Rose  EGC  Montreal Canada

  Sargologo Assaf Jocelyne  SHS  New York U.S.A.

  Schaub Denise  Guest

  Shaarawi Hamada Amina  EGC  Montreal Canada 

  Stroun Ichay Linda   SHS  Geneva CH

  Zalzal Samir   VC  Toronto Canada

  Zalzal Rosette



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